9th Gup: Yellow belt, one stripe

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9th GUP – Grading Requirements

Score required – 60%

1) 10 Push-ups & 10 Sit-ups

2) Basic blocks – Stepping forward x 5 in front stance
a) Lower block
b) Upper block
c) Minor outside block
d) Outside block
e) Body block
f) Knife hand strike
g) Second knuckle strike to the stomach
h) Second knuckle strike to the throat

Basic punches – In horse riding stance

a) Stomach punch x 10
b) Upper punch x 10

3) Kicking techniques – five kicks with each leg.
a) Front kick (aimed at stomach)
b) Side kick (stomach)
c) Roundhouse kick (stomach)
d) Inside crescent kick (aimed at face)
e) Outside crescent kick (face)

4) Self-defence –wrist rolls
a) Grabbing same-side wrist – solar plexus punch with the free hand, twist the wrist out, punch again
b) Grabbing lapel, palm upwards – grab the hand with the “hamburger” hold and twist outwards, knife attack to the neck
c) Grabbing top of shoulder, palm down – hold the hand down with your opposite hand, push on the elbow to force the opponent down, wrist lock and kick

5) Poomse Basic Pattern (watch on YouTube)

6) Free sparring