2nd gup: Red belt, two stripes

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Grading Requirements – 2nd GUP

Score required – 77%

1) 45 Push-ups & 45 Sit-ups

2) Kicking techniques:
a) Roundhouse, jump turning roundhouse, spinning heel kick (moving forward with each kick).
b)Roundhouse, spinning heel kick, double-up
c) Inside crescent kick, jump turning inside crescent kick, turning back kick

3) Self-defence:
a) Random holds – partner may put on any hold in any order; defender must break out.
b) Knife defence – Attacker moving in with stabbing motion, use preferred defence, use opponent’s strength to put off balance, finish with strike or arm lock

4) 1 step self-developed sparring:

Against a partner in ready stance, partner steps forward and throws a punch or kick:  block attack, and deliver three counter techniques.

5) Poomse Taeguk 5, 6 and 7 (watch on YouTube), and Kicking pattern (watch – courtesy of Tan’s Taekwondo)

6) Board breaking:
1 board, student nominates which kick
(Seniors only – one punch)

7) Free sparring – Tournament and street style, and against two opponents