What is Taekwondo ?

Taekwondo is a Korean martial art. The name means literally “way of the hands and feet”. Taekwondo therefore makes use of both the hands and the feet, and does not usually use weapons.

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Why practise Taekwondo ?

Regular practice of Taekwondo is an excellent way to improve all aspects of physical fitness: endurance, agility, flexibility, strength, reflexes, balance and judgment. The self-discipline of the art also improves one’s self-confidence, especially in times of stress and confrontation, and one’s self-esteem and perseverance.

What happens in a typical lesson ?

Why not join in and find out? Lessons start with warming up and stretching. In children’s classes, this includes fitness games. Next, students practice basic skills and previously learned techniques. The rest of the lesson is a mixture of self-defence, patterns (prearranged steps), free sparring, learning new techniques, or competition strategies. The lesson ends with more stretching and cooling down activities.

How do I tie my belt?

The tied belt should lie fairly flat against your stomach, with the ends hanging downward.

You can watch a video on how to tie your belt here.