Former Instructor – Edward Carroll – Brisbane

Edward (Eddie) Carroll began training in 1994 under his father, Mr. David Carroll. He started training with Muir’s Taekwondo in 1998 at the Carindale Branch. In 2001, he attained his black belt, and received his 2nd dan in 2005 with Troy Anderson and Mick Ward. He began instructing in 2005 and continued until 2011. In 2008 he attained his third dan under Mr. Muir.

Edward spent 2011 living in Seoul, South Korea and training full-time with Master Ko Manjae and the Seongdong-gu School team.

Edward has been a highly successful competitor at State and National events in the middle and heavyweight sparring category. He beat the reigning national champion to win the 2012 Gold Coast Open. Edward specializes in sports and competition training and competed frequently at a national and international level.

Edward is currently living in the UK.