Former Instructor – Jae Bong Kim

For 18 months (2012-2013) Mr Kim played an important role in the Edge Tkd family as a visiting instructor. Jae Bong Kim is a 5th dan black belt who in 2011 retired from professional taekwondo competition in Korea. He is a professional taekwondo athlete with 6 years experience in the taekwondo business industry and with 14 years experience as a junior amateur athlete.  Jae has competed as a taekwondo professional in Korea for the Yoo Seong Gu Office, Sang Mu Military Service, Seong Nam City Hall and Samsung S1 team in South Korea.  The Samsung S1 is a Korean professional team held in high regard in Korea and has produced four Olympic gold medallists. Jae Kim has represented South Korea National team as a -54Kg weight whilst at the Yong In university.  He has a Master of Taekwondo degree from the Yong In University. He has participated in many international taekwondo competitions as a fighter and won many gold medals.

Jae Bong Kim’s achievements include:-

  • Gold medal at 19th World Military  Championship in Canada 2010 ( a representative for Sang Mu Military Service)
  • Gold medal at the 4th Korea Open International Taekwondo Championships Nov. 2008 (a representative for Seong Nam City Hall)
  • Gold medal at the 2nd Korea Open International Taekwondo Championships 2005 (a representative for Samsung S1)
  • Gold medal at the 1st Korea Open International Taekwondo Championships 2006 (a representative for national team)
  • Gold medal at the 3rd Federacion Madrilen De Taekwondo YD.A 2007 (a representative for national team)

Jae Bong is currently the Junior Team Coach for the Indonesian Team.