7th Gup: Yellow belt, three stripes

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Grading Requirements – 7th GUP

Score required – 65%

1) 20 Push-ups & 20 Sit-ups

2) Basic blocks with counter attacks – facing partner in horse-riding stance, five punches for each block
a) Lower punch – counter with lower block and solar-plexus punch
b) Upper punch – counter with upper block and palm strike to chin
c) Chest punch – counter with minor outside block and knife-hand strike to the neck
d) Swinging punch – counter with outside block and second knuckle strike to the throat
e) Chest punch – counter with body block and step into elbow strike to the face
f) Stepping backward into back stance with double knife-hand black and countering with back fist to the nose

3) Kicking techniques – facing partner, five kicks with each leg.
a) All previous grading kicks
b) Double side kick (aimed at knee then stomach)
b) Double roundhouse (aimed at thigh then face)
c) Turning back kick to the stomach

4) Self-defence

  • wrist rolls (same as 9th gup)
  • Strangles, grabbed from the front (same as 8th gup)
  • Strangles, grabbed from behind:

a) Swing arms around and over, turn 180°, lock up arms and punch ribs
b) Stomp on foot, twist to that side, grab the shoulder and twist back to hip throw.

5) Poomse Basic Pattern, Taekuk 1 and Taeguk 2 (watch on YouTube)

6) Free sparring