6th gup: Blue belt, one stripe

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Grading Requirements – 6th GUP

Score required – 67%
1) 25 Push-ups & 25 Sit-ups

2) Kicking techniques:
a) All previous grading kicks
b) Spinning heel kick
c) Sliding side kick off the front leg.
d) Sliding front kick off the front leg.

3) Self-defence:

  • wrist rolls (same as 9th gup)
  • Strangles, grabbed from the front (same as 8th gup)
  • Strangles, grabbed from behind, same as (7th gup)
  • Head locks (front, rear and choker hold)

a) Head lock from the side: break out by reaching up with the arm nearer to opponent and grabbing the hair at the front of the head, pull backwards while twisting around to strike the  chin with the free hand
b) Grabbing with arm around throat from behind: Pull arm down, break out by stomping on foot and performing hip throw.
c) Head lock from in front: grab finger and bend back, step under opponent’s arm, twist opponent’s arm up the back and strike the head.

4) 1 step self-developed sparring:

Against a partner in ready stance; partner steps forward and throws a punch. Block the punch and deliver three counter techniques. (Include at least one take down defence.

5) Poomse: Taeguk 1, 2 and 3 (watch on YouTube)
6) Free sparring – Tournament and street style.