4th gup: Blue belt, three stripes

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Grading Requirements – 4th GUP

Score required – 72%

1) 35 Push-ups & 35 Sit-ups

2) Kicking techniques:

a) All previous grading kicks
b) Roundhouse, going forward spinning back fist, inside crescent kick.
b) Roundhouse kick to the stomach, going forward spinning heel kick to the face, follow up with roundhouse to the stomach.
c) Axe kick to the face, going forward then turning back kick with the other leg, then spinning heel kick

3) Self-defence:

  • wrist rolls (same as 9th gup)
  • Strangles, grabbed from the front (same as 8th gup)
  • Strangles, grabbed from behind, same as (7th gup)
  • Head locks (same as 6th gup)
  • Hair grabs and full nelson (same as 5th gup)
  • Bear hugs:

a) From in front: Break out by pushing palms against opponent’s thighs to create room in order to bring knee into groin; then swing leg across and behind opponent’s legs, throw opponent down
b) From behind: Break out by twisting hips to left or right, step behind opponent’s leg and straighten up, throwing him or her off balance.

  • Come-along locks:

c) From a wrist grab breaking free putting on a wrist lock on the opponent
d) Opponent pushing on chest: push arm down and grab the tricep, step behind and lock  the arm up behind opponent’s back

4) 1 step self-developed sparring:

Against a partner in ready stance; partner steps forward and throws a punch or a kick. Block the attack and deliver three counter techniques. (Include at least one take-down defence.)

5) Poomse: Taeguk 4 and 5 (watch on YouTube), and Kicking pattern (watch – courtesy of Tan’s Taekwondo)

6) Free sparring – Tournament and street style.