3rd gup: Red belt, one stripe

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Grading Requirements – 3rd GUP

Score required – 75%

1) 40 Push-ups & 40 Sit-ups

2) Kicking techniques – facing partner, five kicks with each leg.

a) Sliding side kick, axe kick, take one step forward, jumping side kick to face
b) Jumping axe kick, stepping hook kick, jump turning side kick
c) Jump turning roundhouse, jump turning side kick with the same leg, spinning heel kick with other leg

3) Self-defence:
Random holds – partner may put on any hold in any order; defender must break out.

4) 1 step self-developed

Against a partner in ready stance; partner throws a punch or a kick. Block the punch and deliver three counter techniques

5) Poomse Taeguk 5 and 6 (watch on YouTube), and Kicking pattern (watch – courtesy of Tan’s Taekwondo)

6) Board breaking:
1 board, student nominates which kick
(Seniors only – one punch)

7) Free sparring – Tournament and street style.