1st Pum and 1st Dan

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Grading Requirements – 1st Pum/1st Dan Black Belt

1st Pum is awarded to juniors (under 15), 1st Dan is the senior grade.

Score required – 85%

1) 55 Push-ups & 55 Sit-ups

2) Kicking techniques:
a) Roundhouse, jump turning roundhouse, spinning heel kick (moving forward with each kick).
b)Jumping axe kick, fake roundhouse jump turning side kick (done as one kick), spinning heel kick
c) Inside crescent kick, jump turning inside crescent kick, turning outside crescent kick

3) Self-defence:
a) Random holds – partner may put on any hold in any order; defender must break out.
b) Knife defence – Attacker moving in with stabbing motion, use preferred defence, use opponent’s strength to put off balance, finish with strike or arm lock

4) 1 step self-developed

Against a partner in ready stance,partner attacks throwing punches at random: defender blocks punches and moves in with take-down

5) Poomse Taeguk 1 to 8, Koryo 1 & 2 (watch on YouTube) and a self-developed pattern

6) Board breaking:
1 board, instructor nominates which kick
(Seniors only – one punch)

7) Free sparring – Tournament style, street style and against two opponents

8) Philosophy and Terminology: Kicks, punches, strikes, stances, poomse techniques and meaning, club oath.

9) Club etiquette – Student to be assessed on attitude and support to the club and other students during probationary black belt period.