Gradings – General information

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Belt colour signifies rank, or proficiency.

At Edge Taekwondo, beginners wear a white belt, then graduate to yellow, blue, red then black.

One, two or three small bands across the end of the belt indicate the levels within each colour.


How to tie your belt

Watch a video .
Download the guide.

Students have to pass practical and theory tests to progress to the next rank.

Students must be fully paid-up members before their first grading.

Click on each belt to learn the detailed grading requirements:

 9th gup

 8th gup

 7th gup

 6th gup

 5th gup

 4th gup

 3rd gup

 2nd gup

 1st gup

 Cho Dan Bo

 1st Pum and 1st Dan

2nd Pum and 2nd Dan

3rd Pum and 3rd Dan

4th Pum and 4th Dan

For higher Dan gradings, see your instructor.

Click here for the terminology and theory guide.