Cassandra Reynolds

Cassandra Reynolds started taekwondo when she was 5 in NSW. Although travelling to WA and back to NSW she kept up her committment to Taekwondo over that time. Eventually moving to the Gold Coast in 2011 where she joined Muir’s TKD. She loves being surrounded by disciplined, enthusiastic and supportive people at Muir’s. Cassandra obtained her black belt in December 2013.

Michael Sauvage

Michael has been training with Muir’s Taekwondo for 4 years. He achieved is first dan in 2013. Mick is currently an Assistant Coach. You will see him coaching the Gold Coast Tournament Class. He is also the Gold Coast Fundraising Co-ordinator. He is married with three children, one of which also trains with Muir’s Taekwondo.

Troy Anderson

Troy commenced training under Mr Muir in 1989. He obtained his first dan black belt in 2003 and obtained his secound dan in 2005, his third dan in 2009 and his fourth dan in 2013. He has been a member of the 2003 and 2005 Queensland State Teams, achieving silver and bronze medal positions respectively at the Australian Titles.

Scott Sheppeard

Scott started training with Muir’s Taekwondo in 1991. By 1993 he had his red belt and was in the “demo squad”, a team that performed Taekwondo demonstrations in public, at school fetes, shopping centres and other locations.

In 2000, after returning from a sabbatical, he furthered his training and finally earned his first dan. In 2004 he was ready to sit for his 2nd dan.  A few days before the grading, he sustained an injury that prevented him from grading.

He returned to training after the birth of his first child, and finally sat for his 2nd dan grading in November 2013